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The Corellas : Then and Now.

The Corellas were my first group.

We were all pupils at Eastwood High School.

Dave Hill on rhythm guitar, Ricky Jackson on lead guitar, Bill Sharpe on drums and myself on vocals.

The Concord's were the other group in our school year though they later changed their name to The Aristokrats.

They comprised of Peter May on guitar and vocals, Stephen Penn on guitar and vocals, Ian Looker on bass and Alex Smith on drums.

The current incarnation of The Corellas were founded by myself and Alex Smith when we met at a book signing in Glasgow.
The current lineup is myself on guitar and vocals, Alex Smith on drums, David McLachlan on bass and Will Purdie on percussion.

The Jesters: Portmeirion, North Wales.

Portmeirion was a magical fantasy village designed by Sir Clough Williams-Ellis situated by the coast in
North Wales.This is where The Jesters lived and worked. The cult British tv seriesThe Prisoner was filmed there and to this day
fans form all over the world go ona pilgrimage there...


True Colours, Johannesburg

Antwerp was a magical time and place for me.
I was part of a huge group of musicians and artists, most of which were buskers and lived on the street and in the cafes.
It was a hard existance but really freeing as we answered to nobody and to no authority.
I met many  interesting people there including legendary banjo player Derroll Adams who had played with Dylan among many others

True Colours

The path of true love led me from Antwerp to Johannesburg where I married and where my two children were born.
True Colours were a short lived trio composed of Doug Campbell on guitar, vocals and sequencer, Malcolm Aberdein on bass and myself on vocals

Return to Glasgow 1991 to ?