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The Corellas.

The Glad Cafe Feb 4, 2024


The Glad Cafe 2022.
Too Much Heat On Me.

This song was originally written in East London during the punk years (1976-79).

I rewrote the verses  recently but the rest of the number remained the same.

It was typical of my late 70's output, fast chord changes and many minor chords with an

up tempo beat.


This song was written during lockdown in the legendary Sunday Songwriting group including such artists as co-founders Becci Wallace and Rosie Bans, Shelltoe Mel, John McMustard, Antz Thomas and many others, locally based and from further afield.
Including Maaike Siegerist from the Netherlands, Catherine Rudie, who joined us from London although Scots herself  and a a whole contingent from Bristol .

Hame Tae Fascaray.

This song and video was arranged and produced by myself and Jim Lang.

The song was written by novelist and friend Annalena McAfee as part of her wonderful book Hame.
Annalena's family were involved in the recording as backing vocalists and Annalena herself features on the penny whistle. The rest of the music was provided by The Corellas.
A promotional single was made crediting Callum Rae and The Corellas and became our first release as a group.
I had the distinct pleasure of performing the song live accompanied by my dear friend Tony Kaye.

This was at the Bath Festival as part of Annalena's promotional work.
A unique opportunity and a memory I will cherish.

Look At The Mess We Make.
Room 2 Glasgow.

I was honoured to be offered a guest spot on You Call That Radio's Friction Burns Supper 2023 by artist, blogger, podcaster, promoter  and local legend Mark McGhee. Mark is the busiest person I know in Scotland's thriving local music scene and a really nice guy.

This song is another one that I wrote as part of the Sunday Songrwriting group. Working as part of such a talented group of creative individuals had everyone writing and performing at the very top of their game.
The tension of lockdown, I believe contributed to the intensity of many of the songs created by us all.

The Legend Of Jimmy Fast Keys- Jimstock.
Clutha Bar Glasgow.

Jim Stewart aka Jimmy Fast Keys was a good friend of mine and a local legend on the Glasgow open mic scene.
We lost him  a few years ago as he went into a diabetic coma and never recovered.
I wrote the song as a tribute to Jim and it is biographical in content.
I think as a writer it is good to honour departed  friends either through songs, poems or spoken word.

I performed the song live with lyric sheets handed to all the audience at Jimstock, the tribute concert we held at
The Clutha Bar where we have all played previously and where Jim ran an open mic night.
All Jim's family, friends  and fellow musicians were in attendance with the musicians being part of the show,
performing both original and cover songs.
I miss Jim.

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